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Community Development

Back in 1833, when the German settlers first came to our area, they were looking for a place that most reminded them of home.  Germantown, which first began as Hanover, was just the place.  Linden trees that were carried with the Germans all the way from home were planted in the existing church lot.  These trees are to be slow growing and strong which seems to be a perfect symbol for our town.   

Germantown Community Development, GCD, has been established to help promote and welcome potential businesses and visitors\

Past Accomplishments:
  A doctor's office
  An egg processing facility
  A daycare facility
  A retirement home

         To help beautify the streets, Christmas wreaths and Germantown banners were purchased by GCD from various fundraisers such as Chicken and Beer dances. Also as you enter Germantown, Christmas lights frame our lovely lake around the holiday season thanks to the help of many volunteers.


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